Mar 20

Why you should go for mobile game development today!

From those days the word called “games” evolves till date. But nowadays, it’s not necessary for us to create an environment to play indoor and outdoor games, but the environment has been created virtually for single/multiple users to play, interact and share. That means, this generation is took over by the technology drastically. With the advent of smart phones , the popularity and sales of these portable devices increased in the short period, paves the way for the mobile technology emerge slowly and adapt to the current trends to meet with the clients. The gap between the days from the evolution of symbian games to iPhone game development is shorter, but the technology has been tremendously hopped higher in the development of games. It is because the modern people from kids to granny’s have fun by engaging themselves in the games through smart phones. With the realistic graphical user interface design of these games, it catches the user’s attention and makes them to addict towards it.The mobile game development is done in such a way that we may dip in dilemma whether we are attracted by games or games have been developed to attract and addict us. But nowadays, instead of games being developed for fun and entertainment, it is more tremendously developed for business purposes that yield a profitable share for the business people to make them billionaires and trillion-ares.

Mobile Game Development CompanyAndroid phones are used by many people irrespective of their age. It is one of the mobile operating system platforms that support java. So, most of the apps used in smartphones are developed by Java. But, this trend may change in the upcoming years due to the emerging platforms.

Latest trends of Mobile Game development in use:

We know there are millions of game downloads every day. Though, 3d games and multi-player games like chess are the current market’s demand, the latest trends includes the following

  • Location based games

Adventurous games, treasure hunting games, car games, gift collection games, riddles and puzzles are some games that allows user to track location of the device using GPS service. Free running, man vs zombies are some of the examples of this game type.

  • Cross-platform games

There are some other games that can be played on mobile as well as laptops, thus supporting different platforms. Angry birds is one such game (cross-platform games).

  • Online games

There is also another type of games, in which groups are formed for playing on the social networking sites, which allows them to share and complete with another member in the same group connected through network.(connected or online games). It integrates communities to play games.

  • Serious games

Education and learning is the main objective of some types of games which is used by certain countries to educates people by learning through games (serious games). A force more powerful is one such type of game.

Go for mobile game development!

There is an increasing demand in multi player games and 3d games, that may rule the future. The following trends will fill the markets of mere future

  • Multi player mobile games
  • Advertising new products/promoting cinemas by mobile games.
  • 3d design scenario mobile games.

Multiplayer mobile games: Multi player mobile games development is getting its value with its increased number of users. It involves playing against many people that would conquer massive people in the mere future. These games are played with GPRS connection through network with a central server acting as a router and interact with each other.

Advertising new products/promoting cinemas: Many business people find their way to popularize their products through entertainment medias to advertise and market their products. Advertisements running at the bottom of the display seem familiar in many games nowadays. Certain companies have started investing for advertising through games. Some other games are developed depending on the roles played from the movie. This will promote the entertainment and capture the hearts of many people by bringing a positive look at that character.

3d design scenario mobile games: Real world mobile game development is not so far to reach. The gaming industries and the developers are targeting in this field that demands current trends and there will be an increase in the number of users in the future.

SP Technolab India’s leading and Reliable Mobile Game Development Company.At SP Technolab, we design, build and deliver amazing mobile games that keep end users immersed in their devices.


Feb 25

Android Game Development

Android game development- A successful Platform for developers

There is no doubt in the fact that android is spreading fast and more and more mobile manufacturing companies are utilizing android platform to build their latest mobile phones. One of the major platforms gaining momentum is android game development. This is because it is an open source mobile operating system and helps customers satisfy their needs perfectly. Android game development can also be customized to meet varying customer needs. It is used to build innovative and thrilling games to give the best playing experience.
Android Game Development - Hire Android Expert

Innovative and Thrilling Android Game Development

Although, Android game development is a complicated process and requires a lot of work, still its outcomes are the best. The success of the game is totally depends on how much a company is able to implement the development approach.
Making a leisure time activity into the full time profession could be a perfect job or dream job for anyone. The Android game developers always have the best ideas and they are known to create explicit games. In android games, there are different categories that are based on types, ages, groups and payment mode. Mostly the crowd is always attracted towards the free games on the play Store. The highly growing market of Android and advancements in technology has made the demand of Android game development all more high. Also, there is an option to select from simple to complicated to racing to board games and even cards when it comes to android games.
For an Android game developer, there are three fields which he needs to consider the most. These include:

Screen size: The size of the screen or display of the device plays a vital role. It’s an important success rate factor. While designing or developing an Android game, the developer has to remember this property which varies from one device to another. The popularity and success steps up just by enhancing the appropriate scales and proportions in the respective gaming application.

Character modelling for 3D games: It includes the characters that are created for 3D and hold unique distinction. The character represents special features like signature style, facial expressions, exclusive custom designs, etc. All of these traits make an special identity for the designed character in a game.
Enhanced game scenario: Some effects like gripping, rolling, etc. can raise the total look of a game. These provide ultimate look and build success for the gaming application.

Gaming Scenarios and Programming
The gaming scenario is also an important aspect as it elevates the feel of playing game. Therefore, a developer should give equal importance to the landscape and terrain feature optimizations.
The selection of user interface and challenging modes is very important for a developer. To make his game a commercial hit, developer needs to enhance the levels and challenging modes.

Hire Android Expert Team from SP Technolab is an industry leader in android game development and is known for producing quality android game apps.

Feb 20

Wordprss Development Maintenance Services

Greetings from SP Technolab Pvt Ltd

SP Technolab has come up with amazing support for WordPress. WP Online support offers the best maintenance services for all the types of WordPress websites. WordPress experts at the organization go an extra mile to cater to all the needs of the clients worldwide.

We are offering one month free services of our new WordPress intelligence system. For any queries related to WordPress, feel free to contact us.

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Greetings From S P Technolab,

WordPress Services from S.P.Technolab Pvt ltd and to lot many other businesses is great way of managing their websites.We have been using wordpress and have constructed web-sites, themes, plug-ins for large corporate to small business.

Pro Theme download & support

Download pro theme with monthly subscription. You will get support on customization of our pro theme.

Ticket Support and small jobs

Sign up free account for one month and manage your ticket from your account.You can assign us small jobs in your package

Worpress maintenance & Security

We will maintain your website so that you can sit back and relax.A regular security monitoring on your site.

We have gone one step Further!

We have created to give the wordpress website owners with all the support of upgrades, security, SEO, right selections of Plugins-themes and upgrade compatiblity, back-up and other day to day tasks that constitutes under wordpress site maintenance.

We have created necessary infrastructure, team, skills and experience to help website-owners continue to maintain the wordpress websites in very-effective way.So kindly create the Trial account without any cost to you for one month and give us an opportunity to forge the relationship and chance to further serve you.

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Feb 05

Hire Developer Custom WordPress Theme Development

Custom WordPress Theme Development by Specialists:

WordPress is considered to be a popular open source platform for building dynamic and feature-rich websites as per the clients’ requirements. Building custom themes for WordPress is gaining popularity in the last few years. It is simple and easier to create wonderful and amazing custom WordPress themes.

A good WordPress theme with good planning and preparation helps to create attention-grabbing website. Hire WordPress Developers can surely offer cost effective solutions for Custom WordPress Theme Development.

Custom WordPress Theme Development

Here are some benefits of custom WordPress theme development:

Nobody wants to start a new website that looks tacky and ugly. Creating your own theme may sound daunting, but there are several benefits of WordPress theme development services. You can seek professional help and have a unique design for your website design.

Benifits of custom WordPress theme development:

  • It offers a unique look and feel to your website.

  • Developers can get the advantage of templates and template tags to get various results for website.

  • You can change the look and feel of the website as and when needed.

  • Customizations to a WordPress website are easy to be made.

  • It allows quick changes and customization to the functionality of the website.

  • The visual design and layout of the website can be changed according to the requirements.

Along with custom WordPress theme development, you can also opt for plugin customization services. WordPress has a lot of plugins that can be customized as per the clients’ specific requirement and the desired functionality can be added to the website.

Get custom WordPress theme development:

We follow a smooth and transparent approach to develop easy to maintain WordPress websites. The custom themes drive a website and determine what they contain. Whether you want to build a theme from the scratch or want to edit an existing theme, make sure that you hire expert and reliable professionals for the job.

Choose the right company for custom WordPress theme development: offering custom WordPress theme development services. You can do some research in the market and start searching for the right developer for custom WordPress development. Make sure that the agency you hire has several years of experience in the industry. The developers should have the required technical knowledge and expertise to deliver the best. Discuss all the requirements and ensure that you hire the right one to convert your dreams into a reality. Do your homework and find the details about a few reputed and reliable service providers. Whether you hire a service provider for a small project or a large one, one needs to make sure that they get the best value for the money they spend. We aim at helping the clients get the maximum returns for every penny they spend for WordPress theme development services.

Jan 29

Why Select WordPress Development Services

Why select WordPress development services for large projects?

Most of the entrepreneurs ignore the importance of WordPress development services. Whether you require a simple website or a complex portal, WordPress development services can help you create stunning websites. But do you wonder whether WordPress is ideal for large projects? Being released in 2003 as a blogging platform, WordPress has a large number of themes and plugins that can be used for creating eye-catchy and functional websites that generate higher ROI. Nowadays, WordPress has become a killer application with more than 1.8 million downloads. This means that thousands of websites have been created using this CMS since the last 3-4 years. Analysts found that every seventh website on the web is created using WordPress.

Though this platform has pros and cons, it is widely accepted by users and developers all over the world. WordPress development services are considered to be cost effective option to match your requirements.

Wordpress development services -SP Technolab

Let us have a look at the benefits of WordPress development services:

  • One of the major pros of using this CMS is that the data can be modified easily. The advanced features help the users customize the website as per the users’ requirements.

  • It becomes easier to upload the photos and images of the products for a WordPress website. The content and videos can also be managed easily.

  • Good document and support is available for this CMS and hence, the developers can contact the experts to get assistance.

  • Being SEO-friendly tool, it helps you enjoy the good rankings in the search engines.

  • Even a layman can make the changes to a WordPress website. There is no need to look for a professional to edit or modify your business site. No technical training is required as it is self-explanatory.

Outsource your WordPress development project:

Mid-sized and large enterprises engage outside companies to handle the design, development and hosting of the WordPress website development services. Rather than hiring an in-house team of WordPress developers, you can outsource the project and get your dream website live in a few days to some weeks.

Here are some major reasons why you should outsource the project:

Cut your costs!

The main reason of outsourcing WordPress development services is that it helps to save costs. Choosing an Indian web development company for your next project can help you save about 60% of the development costs.

Access skilled expertise:

Almost all the web development agencies employ trained and expert WordPress developers to work on your project. The experienced programmers would be able to deliver high quality results and deliver the best website that matches and exceeds your requirements.

Large enterprises who want to compete and stand out in the market can outsource WordPress development services to us and we can assure you that an attractive and attention-grabbing website would be delivered to you.

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