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Apr 29

How add YouTube Video in Flash ?

This is simple code which you have to put in action file of flash frame. And also you just add two button on flash design frame named: [1]play_btn, [2]pause_btn. And that’s it.  It  will works just check it out… Actionscript 3.0 Code: Security.allowDomain(“”); var my_player:Object; var my_loader:Loader = new Loader(); my_loader.load(new URLRequest(“”)); my_loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.INIT, onLoaderInit); function …

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Jan 11

Integrated Technology in Flex.

Building FLEX Applications: Flex SDK or Flex Builder can be used to develop web applications. Flex is supported by two languages: –        MXML is an XML-based markup language that is primarily used to layout application display elements. –        ActionScript is an ECMAScript-compliant object-oriented programming language that is primarily used for application logic. During compilation the …

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Jan 05

Data Access Using the HTTPService Component in Flex

Data Access Using the HTTPService Component in Flex :- Using the HTTPService component in the Flex framework, you can retrieve data using GET or Post requests. 1. You can either use the HTTP or HTTPS protocol. To request data over HTTP, First create an HTTPService object by defining an instance name and assigning a URL …

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Jan 04

Flex Architecture

FLEX ARCHITECTURE :- Flex data access components: Flex data access components are based on a service-oriented architecture. These components use remote procedure calls to interact with server environments, such as PHP, Adobe CouldFusion, Microsoft ASP.NET and Java. All Flex data access components can retrieve and send data to back-end data sources through the server environments. …

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