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Mar 20

Why you should go for mobile game development today!

From those days the word called “games” evolves till date. But nowadays, it’s not necessary for us to create an environment to play indoor and outdoor games, but the environment has been created virtually for single/multiple users to play, interact and share. That means, this generation is took over by the technology drastically. With the …

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Feb 25

Android Game Development

Android game development- A successful Platform for developers There is no doubt in the fact that android is spreading fast and more and more mobile manufacturing companies are utilizing android platform to build their latest mobile phones. One of the major platforms gaining momentum is android game development. This is because it is an open …

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Aug 06

Profit from the Mobile Gaming Revolution by Making these 3 Right Choices

Traditional console gaming is shrinking. So what’s replacing them? Mobile games! All you need is to make right choice for mobile game developer along with some basics. Current mobile gaming revolution gives phenomenal opportunities. The mobile gaming segment is buzzing with creative games that entertain people from all walks of life and of all ages. …

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Aug 02

Cocos 2D: Framework that Intensifies 2D Gaming Experience

Mobile industry has also brought revolution as far as bestowing gaming experience is concerned. Thanks to novel open source framework that has brought revolution in mobile game development India with reduced game app development time and efforts and intensified user experience. Cocos 2D is an open source framework that uses Objective –C language.  It is …

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Jul 11

One Thing That Can Turn Any Game Concept into a Wow Game Experience

The right game engine has the potential to turnaround a regular idea into a phenomenally popular game. Hire Cocos2D game developer service, to build stunning games that engage gamers. Any game is as good as the underlying technology it is developed on and that’s why the choice of the right game engine is one of …

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