Jan 20

Hire Dedicated WordPress Developers Team

SP TECHNOLAB is a one stop destination for all your WordPress development requirements. Hire Dedicated WordPress Developers Team from the company is an effective option to get your project completed the way you want it. The trained and skilled WordPress developers can be hired on part or full time basis.Hire Dedicated wordpress developers provide robust and scalable solutions.

Hiring Dedicated WordPress Developers Team

At SP TECHNOLA, we have qualified and proficient resources having vast knowledge and expertise in delivering world-class WordPress web development solutions to the clients across the globe. They have worked with several small, medium and large enterprises over the years and have gained much confidence to cater to all the types of solutions related to WordPress development.

The zealous hire dedicated WordPress developers stay updated with the latest updates and advancements to make sure that our clients get the best. Our main aim is to help the clients get the maximum value for the money they spend for hire dedicated WordPress developers.

Hire Dedicated WordPress Developers Team For :

WordPress CMS Customization:

Are you looking for a custom CMS? WordPress is easy to maintain and user friendly too. Our expert developers integrate your WordPress based CMS with third party plugins and provide the best solutions for payment gateway integration and shopping carts.

WordPress Plugin Development:

If you want to enhance the functionality to your website, we can develop custom WordPress plugins to add value to your site. Whether you want to customize an existing plugin or create a new one, we can help if you hire dedicated WordPress developers.

WordPress Theme Development:

Our experienced developers build WordPress themes matching your specific requirements. They make sure that they create the best themes for your WordPress website. We provide eye-catchy and appealing themes that relates to your website.

PSD to WordPress Theme Conversion:

Our resources provide high quality PSD to WordPress conversion services. The themes would be compatible with all the major browsers.

WordPress Template Development:

We can develop the best WordPress templates that can be integrated into your web and application development projects. You can hire dedicated WordPress developers for template development.

WordPress Blog Customization:

Being known as a popular publishing platform, WordPress blogs can be a great option to attract more visitors to your business site. We create and customize the blogs matching your requirements.

WordPress Migration Services:

Hire dedicated WordPress developers to migrate your website to WordPress. We would take care of database migration and server migration. All your images, videos, posts, contents, etc. would be the same when we offer WordPress migration services.

Hire dedicated WordPress developers to get complete solutions at affordable prices. We strive to make our clients happy and satisfied. Hiring dedicated resources is an ideal solution for all the sizes of businesses.

Jan 05

WordPress Web Design Development Tendency 2015

WordPress Web Design Development Tendency to Look Out For In 2015

Year after year, the technical improvements have never failed to amaze us. Hence this year we will eagerly wait and witness of how the web blog WordPress design change their respective styles and theme to catch up with the latest trends. There are a few WordPress web design development tendency in 2015 themes which we sure have to look out for.

WordPress Web Design Development Tendency 2015

  • The responsive design

The best feature that makes this design stand out from the others is that, it can adapt to any screen size. Hence it means that, this responsive design can be used from monitors to mobile screens. They can just fit into any size and resolution. One may not call it as a whole new trend, instead a new standard for any upcoming website.

  • The flat design: the utilitarian design style web

One must give full credit to Microsoft for bringing this particular design in all the windows phones featuring the 8 version. It is very impressive that the latest iOS version and even Gmail and other Google apps have started to use this particular design style.

The Utilitarian style probably makes this flat design the best suited for all the WordPress themes and is one of the simple classics that we need to look forward to next year.

  • Scrolling over clicking

The new WordPress web design tendency in 2015 style seem to be very much mobile oriented, but to the massive increase in the usage of mobile websites and apps. Not many mobile users like the clicking; instead they prefer the scrolling method. The scrolling method seems to be working wonders due to the fact that, single screen websites those are used in mobiles seem to work much more efficiently via scrolling.

RI charity, RI Leo are a few of the latest trend setting WordPress themes that support the one page sites.

  • HTML5 & CSS3 & cross browser support

You find your upload speed really bad and needs to buck up a bit? Then the solution to your problem is to go for the HTML5+CSS3 feature to all your desktops and mobiles. They are the most preferred design styles by web developers for the brilliant uploading speed.

  • Focus on typography

With the amount of type kits in abundance in the present days, the web developers are in no doubts but to include their typographic skills into their design styles. This way even financially broke developers end up being much more efficient than the wealthy ones.

  • Full width background images

The latest trends in all the websites is to upload high definition, eye catching pictures in order to pull all the audience. This has been very much made use of in the latest Premium Word press themes, in order to fetch the right attention to the website

  • Ultra minimalist design

Going minimalist seems to be the new way of doing things for developers. Hence a simple image, with a little bit of text and of lot of empty white background seems to be the new trend of going “ultra minimalist” for all the designers out there.

  • Full-screen video background

If pictures in your background seem to have attracted a lot of audience, then moving pictures in your background will give you more attention. This seems to be the best of the lot of all design trends, and seems to be the one thing to look forward the most next year.

These are the WordPress web design development tendency in 2015 that one must watch and opt for!

Dec 29

Seven Reasons Why Your Mobile App Failed Or Failing

Mobile application development is gathering popularity rapidly. Almost all businesses and companies want to have their own mobile app but not all taste the fruits of success. Let’s see why!
Seven Reasons Why Your Mobile App Failed Or Failing

  • Lack of proper research whether demand of the app exist or not

To decide to build a mobile app is an important and critical decision in itself. Deciding on the service you are providing through your app can be tricky, so, if you have not done proper research on the demand of the time and the users, then it can create a problem while mobile app development process. So, lack of research can make you land on the development of an app which will not attract users and hence business. This in turn will lead to the failure. Hence think and research properly to get a unique yet simpler idea which is able to attract users.

  • Poor marketing

Yes, you do need to market your application. With hundreds of thousands app in app market, the chances of touching icon of your application by users are bleak, if they don’t know about it. So lack of awareness of your app due to less advertisements can make it lead to the failure. So, do a flashy marketing to reach a wide area of users.

  • Not interacting enough

Getting your app downloaded is one thing and maintaining the user’s interest in it is another. If users are looking at your app as another space eating thing in their devices then surely they are going to delete it. So, keep the interaction on at all times to save your app from failure.

  • Bad face or designing

Though your app can create wonders as you are a successful mobile application developer but no one likes an app which lacks creative designing. If it is working well, it as well looks good also. It should not be complicated in functionality and should not look dull and make the users lose their interest in it. Many Android application development company show poor performance because of this little mistake.

  • Terrible execution

May be you have developed an excellent android application from an application developer point of view but if it portrays poor execution then it is definitely going to get dumped. Too many advertisements popping, force form filling of personal data and frequent crashing due to bugs can make the user frustrated and hence results in low ratings sufficient to kill your app.

  • Lack of focus on user’s point of view

After all for any application to survive it requires users. So, while developing an Apps it is of utmost importance that you should make it as a pro but while using it behave like a naïve user who just want to use the services and is not at all concerned that how things are getting done. Then only you will get the clear idea of what you need to focus while making the required app. Also during the execution your app should not wander off the main goal for what it is made.

  • Not differentiated properly

In this competitive world of millions of apps your app requires to be unique, however the core idea can match to many existing apps. So, think out of the box. Make it work in a different and fresh way. Also if you cannot successfully differentiate it with the mobile websites of same kind then it is surely not going to stay for long. So, failure in proper differentiation can lead to failure.

Dec 23

WordPress- Popular Platform For Building web portal

Advantages of choosing Word press for interactive web portal

Gone are the days when Word press was just used as a blogging tool. Nowadays, feature-rich dynamic web portal are built using this popular CMS. Being a user-friendly content management system, WordPress is widely used for creating ecommerce web portal. Millions of web-pages have been built using this platform as it is considered to be a cost effective option.

Researches show that one out of every six web portal is built using Word press. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars for getting an ecommerce site. If you are a small smart-up or a mid-sized company, Word-press can be the best option. This CMS is a boon for the people who are new to the Internet.

Wordpress- Popular Platform For web portal Development

Word press for building feature-rich and interactive business web portal

Let’s have a look at some basic reasons that make WordPress a trusted choice of many:

  • Free open source platform

  • It brings developers and bloggers together.

  • Easy to use interface

  • Cost effective and affordable solution

  • User-friendly CMS

  • Helps to get good SEO rankings

You would never have a problem finding the best theme for your WordPress web development. There are plenty of themes and templates available. You can look for free or premium themes to suit your exact requirements.

Advantages of choosing WordPress:

Easy to use and manage:

Managing WordPress is very simple. Even a layman can edit and upload the content on this platform. There is no need of technical knowledge and expertise for managing the content of the site. New pages, images and blogs can be added to a WordPress easily without using HTML coding.

Plugins, plugins everywhere:

Thousands of plugins are available to improve the functionality of your sites. Without having the need of custom coding, you would be able to add the functionality to your sites.

Completely customizable:

Word press site are 100% customizable. All the elements can be customized as per your requirements and expectations. You can have full control over your websites when you choose this popular and easy to use CMS.

Search engines love Word press:

It is a fact that Word press site are loved by the search engines. As it offers greater flexibility, it is a trusted choice of many developers and users.

Large community:

WordPress has a large active community to help the developers if they are stuck somewhere in the middle of developing a web portal. No matter what issue you have, you can get help from the expert and experienced developers.

Easy to upgrade:

Even if you want to upgrade from previous versions to a newer one, it is simpler with Word-press. Just a one click and you can upgrade your site.

The web admin can set-up multiple users for your websites and assign access levels to each user. So, don’t wait to build beautiful and attractive web portal using Word-press. Having a dynamic and interactive site for your business would surely help you maximize the profits. Get in touch with us now if you are looking for development services.Hire expert wordpress developers team who have several years of experience in the industry. They make use of the latest tools and technologies to offer the best solutions at affordable prices.

Dec 13

Important Tips to Hire PHP Developers for Your Next Project

Top 5 points to remember while hiring PHP developers

PHP is a popular programming language that is used for creating dynamic web Portal and applications.If you’re looking for experienced PHP developers, you should make sure that you interview the candidates and pick the best one for your next project.Here are a few tips that will help you make the right choice to Hire PHP Developers

Hire PHP developers

  1. Consider offshore PHP developers:

Hiring onshore PHP programmers would be a costly affair as you would need to pay them high salaries and there would be other overhead costs also. You may consider hiring experienced PHP developers from Offshore Web Development Companies. There are many offshore agencies that provide PHP programmers. Hiring freelancers is not a reliable option and hence, you should look for a team of expert professionals. You can hire dedicated PHP resource who would be working for your project exclusively and you can have full control over your project. The clients can communicate with the hired resources directly. This is an added advantage of hiring dedicated resources for your project.

  1. Have a look at their portfolio:

While hiring PHP developers, you should have a look at their past work samples. Most of the service providers have an online portfolio where they showcase their works. You can also ask them to show you some recent work.

  1. Client reviews and feedback:

It is important to make sure that your project is in safe hands. So, you should check the client reviews and testimonials online. You can also get the contact details of the past clients and contact them directly to find out what type of services was provided to them. You should ask them whether they are completely satisfied with the services provided by the company. One should also find out whether the communication was smooth or not.

  1. Communicate directly before hiring:

You should talk to the developers directly before hiring PHP developers. It is important that the service providers understand your requirements completely so that they can deliver the best solutions. Most of the agencies allow the clients to talk to the developers via Skype or phone. You can also discuss the project details via email communication or IMs. Make sure that they have understood the project requirements and expert ideas from them.

  1. Get the contract signed:

When you’ve made up your mind to hire a particular resources, you should mention all the details in the contract and get it signed. Make sure that the milestones and the breakup of the cost is mentioned in the contract to avoid confusion later on. All the terms and conditions should be clear in the contract.

Ask as many questions as you may have and clarify the doubts before hiring dedicated PHP resources. All the best!

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