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SP Dedicated Development Team


Comparison Of Different Type Of Teams

Focused on Adding Value
Hourly Rate Highest Hourly Cost 40% Less
Infrastructure Cost Added Cost Imbedded In Rate
Productivity You Get Full benefit You Get Full Benefit
Quality You interview the candidate You interview the candidate
Turnover / Learning Curve 5% to 7% 7%
Work Hours Salary Fixed monthly fee
Severance Risk / Constraints Severance / Tax Effects None
Management, done the right way
Speed to Scale Up Slow to Add, Expensive All Levels Scale
Speed / Ability to Scale Down Limited / Costly All Levels Scale
Nature of Relationship It’s Your Team It’s Your Team
Hired Directly for You on Joint Criteria Your Co’s Criteria Joint Optimal
Alignment with Company Objectives Company-Focused Company-Focused


Recource Transparency It’s Your Team It’s Your Team
Processes Transparency (PM, HR) It’s Your Team It’s Your Team
Cost Transparency It’s Your Team It’s Your Team

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